The Edge of Ecstasy

  • Ship Name: The Edge of Ecstasy
  • Captain: Razval Laenor
  • Class: Raider
  • Hull: Corsair Escort
  • Speed: 13
  • Manoeuvrability: +45
  • Detection: +25
  • Turret Rating: 1
  • Shields: 0
  • Armour: 15
  • Hull Integrity: 20/20
  • Space Used/Available: /
  • Power Used/Available: /
  • Weapon Capacity: 2 Prow
  • Crew %: 100/100
  • Morale: 100/100
  • Rating: 50

Essential Components
  • Unidentified Xenos Propulsion System
  • Warp-Plotter
  • Command Bridge
  • Eldar Life Sustainer
  • Eldar Crew
  • Quarters
  • Sensor Array

  • Disintegrator Macrocannon Cluster
    • Weapon Type: Macro Battery
    • Location: Prow
    • Strength: 4
    • Crit Rating: 4
    • Damage: 1d10+3
    • Range: 5
    • Other Rules: +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill Tests
  • Disintegrator Macrocannon Cluster
    • Weapon Type: Macro Battery
    • Location: Prow
    • Strength: 4
    • Crit Rating: 4
    • Damage: 1d10+3
    • Range: 5
    • Other Rules: +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill Tests

Supplemental Components
  • Shadow Field Generator
  • Torture Holds
    • These labyrinthine complexes contain all manner of depravity and the air within them seethes with anguish and echoes with the screams of countless thousands of slaves. If this component is destroyed, the vessel loses an additional 1d5 Morale each turn as the crew’s source of unholy sustenance is taken from them.

  • 4

Complications/Past History


Primary Crew & Staffing
  • Captain: Razval Laenor
  • First Officer:
  • Additional Navigators: 0
  • Additional Astropaths: 0
    Primary Crew (Deceased)

Special Rules
  • Master Starfarers
    • Like their Craftworld kin, the Dark Eldar are some of the most accomplished starfarers in the galaxy, and their ships are designed to make the best use of their talents. Any Dark Eldar aboard a Dark Eldar vessel may re-roll any Piloting Tests for Manoeuvre Actions.
  • Slave-takers
    • The warriors who serve aboard Dark Eldar vessels are vicious, cruel, and bloodthirsty beings, and are made deadlier by the agony of their prey. They will often drag away scores of crew during their raids and boarding actions. During Boarding Actions, Dark Eldar vessels add + 10 to any Command Tests, and inflict 1d5+2 Crew Population and 1d5+2 Morale Damage. During Hit and Run Attacks, Dark Eldar vessels add +20 to Command Tests and may choose to inflict 1d10 Crew Population and 1d10 Morale Damage instead of dealing a Critical Hit as they round up enemy crew and drag them away. A Dark Eldar vessel regains lost Crew Population and Morale equal to the amount of Damage that it inflicts to Crew Population and Morale during any Boarding Action or Hit and Run Attack, as the agony of the victims and slaves restores and invigorates the Dark Eldar crew.
  • Sharks of the Void
    • Dark Eldar vessels are impelled by all manner of exotic technologies, ranging from rows of aethersails that capture the spectral winds of the webway, to plasma drives that burn with the chained fury of enslaved stars, to gravitic impulse engines that bend the potent energies of a captured black hole to the crew’s will. In all cases, Dark Eldar vessels are swift and agile, able to easily outpace and outmanoeuvre their prey. Dark Eldar ships gain a +20 bonus on the Flank Speed Extended Action , and do not have to move at least half their speed before turning. All Dark Eldar vessels, regardless of type or class, may turn up to 90 degrees.
  • Shadowfields
    • Rather than the brutish void shields employed by humans, the Dark Eldar wreath their vessels in an inky blackness that makes them almost invisible against the cold, dark void. These fields confound even the electromantic scrying of starship augurs, concealing the vessel’s heat and emissions from prying eyes. All attacks against a vessel with a functioning shadowfield suffer a –40 penalty on any Test to hit the vessel in addition to other penalties. Macrobatteries, which operate by filling the void with ordinance, suffer only a –20 penalty to hit. Ships also suffer a –30 to any attempts to use any Extended Actions against a ship protected by shadowfields that involve Detection (such as Lock On or Focussed Augury). Finally, a vessel with shadowfields may travel at full speed and adds +10 on all Manoeuvre Tests made while on Silent Running.
  • Mimic Engines
    • Many Dark Eldar ships are equipped with strange devices that can be used to project false emissions during their approach, tricking their enemies into thinking that an ally approaches, not an enemy. Each Dark Eldar vessel employing mimic engines must be operating on Silent Running (to better hide behind the falsehood they are projecting), and may nominate a single class of vessel to appear as. This class of vessel must be of similar size to the Dark Eldar vessel—Raiders may appear as transports, raiders or frigates, while cruisers can appear as light cruisers, cruisers, battlecruisers, or grand cruisers. Vessels may attempt a Challenging (+ 0) Scrutiny+Detection Test to spot the inconsistencies in the illusion and detect the Dark Eldar vessel behind it, though crews which have encountered Dark Eldar before gain a + 20 on this Test as they know the subtle telltale signs of a mimic engine.
  • Arrogance and Spite
    • Dark Eldar vessels have no void shields and always have their shadowfields active unless these systems have been disabled or destroyed.

Total Bonuses


The Edge of Ecstasy

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