_The Sword of Helios_

  • Ship Name: The Sword of Helios
  • Captain: Astraea Volkite
  • Class: Raider
  • Hull: Iconoclast Destroyer
  • Speed: Combat 11 / Non-Combat 9
  • Manoeuvrability: Combat +32 / Non-Combat +27
  • Detection: +10
  • Turret Rating: 1
  • Shields: 1
  • Armour: 14
  • Hull Integrity: 28/28
  • Space Used/Available: 32/33
  • Power Used/Available: /
  • Weapon Capacity: 2 Dorsal
  • Crew %: 99/99
  • Morale: 98/98
  • Rating: 40

Essential Components

Engine: Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive (Good quality: Space)
Warp Engine: Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Gellar Field: Warpsbane Hull (Shield of Faith)
Void Shield: Repulsor Shield (Repulsion Effect)
Bridge: Combat Bridge
Life Support: Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
Crew Quarters: Voidsman Quarters
Auspex: M100 Array

  • Jovian Missle Battery
    • Weapon Type: Missle Battery
    • Location: Dorsal
    • Strength: 5
    • Crit Rating: 6
    • Damage: 1d10+1
    • Range: 6
  • Sunhammer Lance
    • Weapon Type: Lance
    • Location: Dorsal
    • Strength: 1
    • Crit Rating: 3
    • Damage: 1d10+5
    • Range: 9
    • Other Rules: Lances ignore Armor on target ship

Supplemental Components


Complications/Past History
  • Wrothful
    • The ship’s spirit constantly smoulders with anger. In battle, it explodes into a berserker fury, straining and exhausting its systems. During combat, the ship gains +1 Speed and + 7 Manoeuvrability. Out of combat, the ship suffers –1 Speed and –5 to Manoeuvrability and Detection.
  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
    • Beneath this vessel’s unassuming exterior is a dangerous spacefaring predator. The captain selects three Components. When scanned or subjected to anything but a thorough internal inspection, these components will either not register on the scans, or appear to be a different Component of the same type. Thus, the ship might hide additional armour plating, or a small macrobattery may be much more powerful than it appears. However, the ship suffers –2 Power to maintain the systems creating the illusion. The ship may also have concealed smuggling compartments, unseen passageways, hidden cogitation-override programming, or other secrets.


Primary Crew & Staffing
Special Rules

  • Charged Particle Repulsion Effect
    • The ship does not suffer penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through Nebula’s, Ice Rings, Plasma Clouds, or other celestial phenomena consisting of primarily small particles.
  • Easy to Repair
    • When effecting Long Term Repairs, this ship may repair an additional +2 Hull Integrity if the repairs succeed.
  • Shield of Faith
    • Any navigation tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10 bonus. When rolling in Warp Travel Encounters, the GM rolls twice and allows the Navigator to choose which result is applied.

Total Bonuses
  • Wolf if Sheeps Clothing Effect:
    • AAA appears as XXX
    • BBB appears as YYY
    • CCC appears as ZZZ
  • +2 Hull Integrity when making Long Range Repairs
  • +10 Navigation (While in Warp) and reroll Warp Events and take the preferred result.


_The Sword of Helios_

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